Enrolment platform for International students industry 1Enrol is an enrolment platform for International students industry. With 1Enrol educator agents and language schools can work better together. It helps cutting down paperwork and double handling of data. We believe in breaking down the barriers to education and simplifying processes so that more students can access learning opportunities around the globe. Up until now the process to take an interested international student through to a confirmed enrolment was very manual and chewed through reams of paper and hours of inputting details. Sure, this system worked, but the room for error in the double handling of information, the inefficiency of printing and scanning files and the messy nature of multiple communications leaves much to be desired. This is why 1Enrol was created, to remove the inefficiencies, streamline the enrolment process and break down the barriers to allow more international education.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $60K