15 Minute Exercise Challenge

Strava for Corporate Customers Our company is an online team competition that encourages participants at workplaces to exercise for 15 minutes every day and form a habit of exercise The aim of the challenge is to address a common problem among many people at corporate companies of not being able to consistently include exercise into their daily life. The program specifically targets beginners who are doing very little exercise and would benefit most from forming a habit of exercise. By setting an achievable goal of just 15 minutes and doing it in a supportive team environment, participants develop a long-term habit of exercise and a positive self-image of an active person over the duration of a 6-week program. Workplaces are looking for effective solutions to increase the health and wellbeing of their employees to improve employee productivity, teamwork and culture. 15 Minute Exercise Challenge addresses these needs and provides an effective program that targets the beginner fitness group in the workplace.
Member count: 1-10