12Go Asia

Public transport ticketing in South East Asia We do routing and sell bus, ferry, railway, charter and flight tickets in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos and looking to Indonesia, Philippines and Burma. 2016: Team: ~30 employees, very international - TH, RU, DE, PH, UA, SG Assets: ~14,000+ live departures daily on sale - from several hundred companies in 6+ countries, frontend webapp, 4 mobile apps, partner program (agent.12go.asia), transparent role-based integration API over GDS engine, backend UI for operators (routing, pricing, inventory, sales, PR, GPS), in-vehicle Terminal (Android) to track passengers and vehicle, and other cool stuff all in 10 languages. Audiences: incoming foreigners with anxiety disorder for advance booking and locals for daily booking. Plans: Provide a simple way to millions ground travelers in the world to book their ticket online: no line, no overpricing, no worries.
Member count: 11-50