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TV and Film Production Company EFN Media is a British-American Media company, which will span across TV, Films, Music, Distribution, and more. EFN Films The Projects: Rise of Redemption (2016) Fallen Angels (2017) Interknown (2017) The New Age (2018) The Projects II (2018) EFN Music Artists will be chosen through Chart Battle (an upcoming EFN TV production), recently dropped artists who have a large fan following, and several unknown talents. EFN Games 1. The Projects (tie into the 2016 motion picture film) 2. Will also venture out into the Video Game world where creators can come together to make the greatest video games. EFN Distribution EFN Media will also become a film Distribution company, helping independent films find their way onto the big screen. And will also distribute their own films through EFN allowing them to receive more profit through the course. The Projects: Rise of Redemption has already locked over 2,000 theaters in the US alone.