101 Cider House

The world's most healthful adult beverages, natural hard ciders. 100% raw and probiotic We are the first local cider house in Los Angeles, the largest market for hard cider in the US. In fact, we are the only commercial cider brand being produced in Southern California! Our mission is to produce the world's healthiest alcoholic beverages, in the form of premium craft cider. What makes us unique? All of our ciders are: - 100% RAW & PROBIOTIC - NATURALLY SPARKLING - WILD FERMENTED - UNFILTERED - UNPASTEURIZED - NO PRESERVATIVES - NO ADDED SULFITES Think green juice meets craft beer! Our products have just hit the shelves at many fine retailers all over the west coast, such as Whole Foods. The key customer group for our ciders are men and woman (50/50) between the ages of 25 - 45. We aim to establish our position as the leading producer of natural hard cider in the US market and beyond.
Location: United States, Los Angeles
Member count: 1-10