Solar Power Conversion Efficiency Solution Product ready to license out NOW! A method of applying solar power conversion devices so reflected energy is precisely directed to locations for further use. This is a fundamentally different approach to solving the problem of losses due to reflectivity in Solar Power Conversion devices. Costly and economically infeasible improvements over the years unsuccessfully tried to accomplish this exact goal. Reflected energy represents a large portion of unabsorbed energy which is a large portion of the total energy. This is not a Solar Power conversion device while it is a system method of applying a wide variety of such devices in order that all of the reflected energy is directed to another or back upon the same conversion device. If a device converts at 20% efficiency than a large portion of the 80% reflects off of its surface. This method is not trying to change the conversion efficiency of PVC or thermal material. Energy from 80% side of equation MAKES BIG DIFFERENCE !!
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