Training recent graduates from India to become well-paid software professionals 10000coders is a new kind of school aimed to teach fresh graduates to get into high paying software jobs. Our 6-month immersive program goes through a structured curriculum prepared to match the latest hiring needs. And the best part is it comes with a 100% refund i.e students pay nothing if they do not get a job. Our focus is on taking an unskilled person and make him a skilled learner to a high valued engineer. The goal of our program is to accelerate students into a professional career by learning to build applications at a professional level - which provides the foundation needed to build production-ready applications and demonstrate the skills to add real value to a potential employer. Our incentives are aligned with the incentives of the student. We want focused students with grit and determination to enter our program without worrying about the economic impact if they fail to get a job. Thus we are, literally, risk-free education providers.
Member count: 1-10