Telehouse Canada's Expansion in Toronto Sparks Digital Revolution

June 11, 2024, 3:36 pm
KDDI株式会社――Tomorrow, Together
KDDI株式会社――Tomorrow, Together
Location: Japan, Tokyo
Employees: 10001+
Founded date: 1984
Telehouse Canada's launch of three new data centres in Toronto marks a pivotal moment in the country's digital evolution. The move aims to enhance connectivity, support the rollout of high-speed Internet, and accelerate Canada's digital economy.

Telehouse Canada, a prominent colocation data centre service provider, has unveiled its first three data centres in downtown Toronto. These carrier-neutral facilities, strategically located at 151 Front Street West, 250 Front Street West, and 905 King Street West, serve as vital hubs for Canadian telecommunications, bringing together ISPs, ASPs, and major telecommunication networks.

With over 50% of Canada's carriers, xSPs, and content providers already present at Telehouse Canada's data centres, these interconnected hubs play a crucial role in facilitating seamless digital experiences for Canadians, enabling them to connect with each other and the global community effortlessly.

Satoshi Adachi, President and CEO of Telehouse Canada, emphasized the company's commitment to leveraging its expertise to propel Canada's digital economy forward. As the demand for advanced connectivity services surges in Canada, driven by the transition to 5G, IoT technology, and the government's Connectivity Strategy, Telehouse Canada is well-positioned to meet this growing need by expanding its facilities and enhancing its ecosystem.

The significance of these data centres to Canada's digital infrastructure cannot be overstated. By fostering a collaborative partnership environment and offering carrier-neutral solutions, Telehouse Canada empowers organizations to optimize their network performance and minimize costs, ultimately contributing to Canada's technology leadership on the global stage.

As businesses across various industries embrace digital transformation and adopt cutting-edge technologies like AI and cloud services, Telehouse Canada's data centres stand ready to support their growth with resilient colocation and digital connectivity services. Looking ahead, the company is exploring opportunities to leverage its global expertise to meet the rising demand for AI-supportive data centre infrastructure in Canada.

With a track record of supporting over 3000 companies worldwide, Telehouse Canada provides Canadian organizations with the platform to expand their global footprint through access to interconnected data centres across multiple countries. The recent acquisition of three Toronto data centres in collaboration with parent company KDDI underscores Telehouse Canada's commitment to enhancing its presence in the Canadian market.

Established in 1989, Telehouse is a trusted global data centre service provider under the KDDI group, offering secure and flexible colocation solutions to enable organizations to accelerate their business growth through efficient interconnections. KDDI Corporation, founded in 1953, has emerged as a leading telecommunications company with a strong global presence, delivering mobile phone services, network solutions, and IT services to millions of customers worldwide.

In conclusion, Telehouse Canada's expansion in Toronto signifies a significant milestone in Canada's digital journey, paving the way for enhanced connectivity, technological innovation, and economic growth. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Telehouse Canada remains at the forefront, driving the country towards a more connected and prosperous future.