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Zoic Capital

Last activity: 08.03.2022
Zoic Capital is the only US-based venture firm focused on early stage healthcare innovations at the intersection of life sciences and medical technology. Promising Scientific Advancements: We look for breakthroughs with the potential for broad IP and commercial-ready maturity. We invest in roadmaps that leverage a core innovation across many applications and industries. Focus on Life Sciences: We see the most exciting advancements coming from life sciences labs, becoming tools that maintain and treat our health. We look at both technologies that enable development and care delivery devices. We Follow the Numbers: We follow our gut, but we also reinforce each of our decisions with numbers. We believe that merging qualitative and quantitative analysis is the best way to make successful investment decisions. Mentored Capital: We have the skills, experience and network to help, working closely with select teams to transform research into high impact, market-ready products. Milestone-Based Investing: We craft unique deal structures for each portfolio company based on mutually defined milestones. We find this approach creates ongoing momuntum and sets us all up for success.
Location:United States, Washington, Seattle
Member count:1-10
Investment Type: Venture Capital
Investment Stage: Pre-Seed; Seed; Series A

Portfolio 7

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