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ShearLift, aid2nature & TTA built by David as founding principal over 40years from early days executive career within a classic British Empire merchant trading house of post WWII period provided a terrific grounding for David David exposed throughout career to disciplines of global transportation & trading, encountering magnificent systems evolved through 5centuries of European expansion such as: "Classification", "Marine Risk & Cover", "Trading desks", 'certification protocols', 'emergence of ISO protocols', 'International Carriage of goods', 'agency & the law of instruction' & as brought David to the beginnings of the ISO container revolution & through all facets of operations - design/fabrication/certification/management systems/M&R/materials science to the container ship leviathans of the sea @18,000 TEU launched 2013. David as founding principal transitioned further into the early part of 21st century and emergent container science to embrace architecture & engineering to point current launch ShearLift Architecture for habitation and commerce David is a specialist in Green Lane Technologies such as prescribes present day transit of an airport transformed 911 by Homeland Security as governs present day Green Lanes. Expertise evolved to Green Lane 3 as looms apropos prevention of BCN attacks simulated for 2014 under US Law. Founder evolving into other aspects of human experience & especially relating to environment and sustainability. Along the way sustainability improvements to TTA, ShearLift & aid2nature where further technology release planned to 2020 as below: Carbon Ark a concept in e-Mobility arises from ShearLift developing highly productive renewable energy harvesting from its buildings and that matched by the amazing energy efficiencies of ShearLift buildings means e-Mobility to become a reality for habitation devoid of need for branded automobiles and branded mobile energy, rather e-Mobility basis of dual fuel EVT aid2nature an amazing program devised by ShearLift founder to create 1acre of tissue culture LSF bamboo for each 1,000sq ft of building developed by ShearLift. aid2nature as generates per acre - 12t of carbon abatement and 40t of Co2 capture per annum perpetual for life cycle of building, notwithstanding 15t of a valuable LSF bamboo of sustainable managed yield for refiurbishment application during the 45year lifecycle of buildings and plantations [before replanting] aid2nature program as funded for refurbishment, restoration and recycling of buildings in 15year rotations up to 45year life cycle of buildings generates less than 5% waste aid2nature as provides sustainable meaningful employment to the peoples of denuded rain forest regions S E Asia under strict ISO14000 protocol Environment engineered utilities - EEU as establishes e-Water regeneration & harvesting for all buildings and converts waste to energy alongside e-Power reneable energy systems and corresponding energy storage capability. EEU program as generates excess e-Power for e-Mobility and other autonomy programs of ShearLift Property developments and where further technology release enhance EEU solutions Climate Shield SPIS systems for cladding, flooring, roof shell as generate stabilised building solutions versus 'heat sink' of concrete and similar building technologies as are over dependant upon air-conditioned atmospheres and as ShearLift avoids. That program where additional new technologies such as solar cooling and atmospheric conditioning come into their own for ShearLift buildings Much ado at TTA, ShearLift ad aid2nature
Location: Australia, Western Australia, Perth

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