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Rethink Education
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Rethink Education. Using technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience Today’s high school learners have new expectations of education. They are not necessarily interested in learning through traditional software like electronic textbooks, Excel or Word. Instead, they interact, using ‘chat’-styled community platforms such as Mxit, WhatsApp, I3BM, Facebook and Twitter. The Rethink Education platform feeds into this preference by delivering educational content broken down into ‘bite-size bits’ and presented through a social network style, chat interface. The other key fact about education today is that there is very little that a student can do with technology that is not aligned with the South African school curriculum. Rethink Education bridges that gap. We are a Cape Town-based company, focusing directly on the South African high school market and making current technology more useful in the schooling system. This allows learners the benefit of having a teaching and learning aid at their fingertips anytime, anywhere. The interactive, up-to-date platform gives learners access to premium learning materials that will engage them while also ensuring an understanding of vital concepts at the school level.
Location:South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town

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