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PEAK6 Investments
Last activity: 18.03.2021
The business of building the world the way we see fit. World-class technology and purposeful design We are an investment firm that leverages proprietary technology and a data-first approach to anticipate the needs of the market. Whether it?s a major financial institution or a retail investor, we?re ready to supply liquidity at a moment?s notice. So, when the markets move, we?re always here to help customers stay one step ahead. The landscape of financial services is changing rapidly. And being able to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers is how we continue to move the clearing space forward. If you?re seeing a pattern in how we do business, then you?re on to something. It?s always about the customer. This approach is layered into everything we create.
Location:United States, Chicago
Member count:51-200

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