Last activity: 03.05.2020
Music Gamification - learn to play an instrument by playing lusomusic's games Lusomusic is creating a music platform to learning piano and other instruments such as guitar, bass and drums. The teaching approach is by gamification, with artificial intelligence tutoring and framed in social networks. You can learn piano by connecting your keyboard to your computer, tablet or smartphone. The main challenges are: Making musical practice more appealing Create a standard method to learn music by gamification Create an artificial intelligence algorithm for mentoring Create a platform that allows visibility in social networks to the performances of each player It is intended, by gamification, to create a structured method of learning, stimulating and using artificial intelligence that suits the game difficulty to the implementation level of the user. The method aspires to use these technological tools to accelerate the learning curve and avoid the student to give up the process. This way the learning music becomes more efficient and more affordable for students.
Location:Portugal, Lisbon
Member count:1-10