Last activity: 05.10.2023
Fund a small loan, support a big dream!
Location: United States, California, San Francisco
Employees: 51-200
Founded date: 2005
Investment Stage: Grant

Mentions in press and media 166

05.10.2023Deals in brief: Investree to secure Series D funding, JBIC p...Investree to secure up to USD 230.8 million in Series D funding through joint venture in Doha The
17.08.202320 Coaches Share Ways They Use Their Expertise To Give Backgetty Coaches guide their clients in personal and professional development, but behind that work
06.06.2023Dr. Ian Hardy Honored for 10 Years of Microfinance Philanthr...CHANG MAI, THAILAND , June 6, 2023/ -- Dr. Ian Hardy has been recognized for his re...einpresswi...
18.01.2023The Bullet: The Importance of Microfinance in SEAMicrofinance, or the practice of providing small loans and financial services to underserved
09.02.2022Google Backs SA’s Economic Recovery With Support For Startup...Googletechfinanc...
09.02.2022Google Backs SA’s Economic Recovery With Support For Startup...Google At a virtual Google for South Africa event today, Google unpacked its support for startups, ...techfinanc...
02.02.2022DoorDash : Celebrating Black History MonthBlack History Month celebrates Black culture and serves as a reminder of Black achievement while sti...marketscre...
30.12.2021Как переключиться с менталитета нищего на менталитет серийно...Почему так «мало успешных основателей стартапов, которые выросли в полной нищете» Рикки Йен (в цент
19.12.2021Hassle-free cleaning with MaidThisWhat is MaidThis? MaidThis offers hassle-free house cleaning for busy individuals and vacation rent...startuptof...
17.12.2021Is the self-sovereign digital identity the future digital bu...Email Share Tweet Share Comment Image Centralized vs Decentralized Business Identifier. Source...marketscre...
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