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At iB Hubs – a Global Hub for 4.0 Technologies – we enable faster adoption of 4.0 technologies among individuals, organisations, and countries. Our Approach: Creating Workforce for 4.0 Application R&D in 4.0 Technologies Developing World-Class Products Building Global Startups We’re a strong full-time team of 500+ members, of whom many are alumni of IITs, IIMs, and corporate alumni of major MNCs such as Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, and the like. Currently, we’re in 7 countries – India, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Dubai (UAE), and South Africa. Till date, we trained 25,000+ people on entrepreneurship and 4.0 technologies. Through our various programs, we nurtured 140+ startups and produced world-class products like iB Cricket and CyberEye SPN in 4.0 technologies. To build a skilled workforce for faster adoption of 4.0 technologies, and to bring out many world-class products from India, we’re establishing 20 iB Tech Parks (Centres of Excellence for 4.0 Technologies) across the country.
Location: India, Karnataka
Investment Type: Accelerator

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