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Halo Incubator

Last activity: 16.03.2022
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Our mission is to provide early stage founders with the essentials required to fast-track their high-potential start-ups into scalable and successful businesses. We enable early stage women entrepreneurs to bridge knowledge and resource gaps, build a strong community, and attract funding. We further activate our mission of fostering innovation through our work with universities and our corporate partnerships. Incubator: We fill the need for education, resources and community activities for early stage women entrepreneurs. Apply to Join our Halo Incubator Fall 2020 Cohort! If you are a woman founder we would love to hear from you: https://www.haloincubator.com/apply Corporate Workshops: We coach employees to view entrepreneurship as a skillset that can be used for “intrapreneurship” at established organizations. University Program: We help undergraduate and graduate students discover an entrepreneurial path, turn their ideas into action, and structure their ventures into viable businesses. We currently host workshops for Universities, teach semester classes, and can design a series of workshops outside of the normal curriculum.
Location: United States, New York
Employees: 1-10
Investment Type: Venture Capital; Accelerator
Investment Stage: Pre-Seed; Seed; Series A

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DateNameWebsiteTotal RaisedLocation
-Qhanu Inc.qhanu.com-United Sta...
-Wonder Yea...wonder-yea...--
-LyveBeelyvebee.co...-United Sta...
-ailameetaila.c...-United Sta...
-Straight U...straightup...-United Sta...
-Rubbishrubbish.lo...-United Sta...
-basbaasbasbaassau...-United Sta...
-Be Well Bo...bewellbowl...--
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