G-51 Capital

G-51 Capital

Last activity: 09.03.2013
G51 is a thought leadership group that helps accelerate the speed of innovation and collaboration for corporations, startups, universities, and students.
Investment Type: Venture Capital

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09.03.2013One angel’s 3 question litmus test for deciding who to inves...Promoted This Patient Experience Checklist Is Your Key To Success in 2021 As healthcare systems st...medcitynew...
13.06.2012Top People to Talk to About the Thriving Startup Scene in Si... Damon Clinkscales recently complied this list when he tweeted out a question to the Austin high-te...siliconhil...
16.06.2010Google gets the fabled GDrive, courtesy of MemeoWhen Google announced the ability to upload and store files in Google Docs, that seemed to be as clo...venturebea...
25.12.2008Motion Computing snags $6M for tabletsTablet computer maker Motion Computing raked in $6 million in fourth-round funding to increase its p...venturebea...
18.10.2007ShangBy lets you shop for jewelry in Shanghai, no travel nec...If you’ve ever been about to buy an extravagant piece of jewelry at an American store and wished you...venturebea...
-One angel’s 3 question litmus test for deciding who to inves...“I just want to know how will you get 1 paying customer. 1” – Timmins is brilliant. #how2angel #sxsw...medcitynew...

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