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Ecliptic Capital
Last activity: 07.02.2022
Data is the new Oil. Over the last 5 years, the business of "data" has surpassed ALL other major industries combined. "Technology" has shifted from a stand-alone vertical industry to a horizontal utility, enabling all businesses in every industry, worldwide. Money is moving rapidly into innovation. The future of investing is the application of "technology leverage" to maximize innovation and value creation. The best investment opportunties are in the emergent markets, across the mid-continent, in under-served, under-appreciated industries and geographies. It's an incredible untapped gold mine. Texas is particularly attractive: The 10th largest economy in the world with hundreds of large industrial, governmental, educational and corporate organizations. More compelling is the fact that energy investors are already diversifying in preparation for the coming age of electrification. Ecliptic was built specifically to capitalize on this emergent investment opportunity. We're successful serial entrepreneurs, who know how build value the old fashioned way: by rolling up our sleeves. Our approach is different and successful because we focus on sustainable business value, which is ultimately what drives investment returns. We use a disciplined process, leveraged by technology, to strategically curate, time and scale our involvement. Ecliptic's "secret sauce" is connecting to entrepreneurs on a deep human level to build value as if were their co-founder, and not just their bank. Let us embark together and Venture... Beyond Capital.
Location:United States, Texas, Austin
Member count:11-50
Founded date: 2018
Investment Type: Venture Capital

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