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The first two years of a startup's life are tough. To survive and thrive, you want hands-on, head down, get shit done investors and advisors on your side. That's what makes C2 Ventures different: We don't just invest, we work beside you. We believe the delta between first-time founders and institutional capital is too wide. Founders need a middle layer of support to help them drive their business forward, and avoid classic mistakes. C2 Ventures is the industry's first operator-run, early-stage investment platform. We only invest in businesses we understand, and surround you with other founders, builders and operators uniquely positioned to help you succeed. 💸 Invested: Beam, Boostr, Civ Robotics, Driver, Hank, Kambr, Koffie, Magellan Ai, Otari, Paladin, Rens, Somatic, StepOne Tech & Tarform
Location:United States, New York
Member count:1-10
Founded date: 2014
Investment Type: Venture Capital
Investment Stage: Pre-Seed; Seed; Series A

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