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Angular Ventures
Last activity: 31.01.2022
Angular is a specialist venture capital firm, and we're looking to back a very specific type of company: Enterprise-oriented. If your business requires consumer adoption, it's not for us. We back companies that sell products and services to other companies. Deep technology. We are firm believers in the value of meaningful barriers to entry, and we know there are a lot of ways to define and construct those barriers. Born in Europe or Israel. We know that great innovation can come from anywhere. Our focus is on companies born on the "right"​ side of the Atlantic, specifically in Europe or Israel. Global ambition. While it's possible to build a great business without targeting a global opportunity, we are exclusively focused on companies that are chasing a truly global opportunity. In most cases, this means a focus on US market entry from day one. Outstanding founding teams with domain expertise. We believe that great founders are the main driver of success for any entrepreneurial venture. We like "well-rounded"​ founders, but tend to prefer founders that are "angular,"​ bringing unique technical or domain expertise to bear. Early stage. We like to be very early. We are not religious about being first, but most of our investments are into companies that have raised less than $1M before we engage.
Location:United Kingdom, England, Westminster
Member count:1-10
Founded date: 2018
Investment Type: Venture Capital
Investment Stage: Pre-Seed; Seed; Series A

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