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ANGEL is the Italian industrial group synonymous with scientific excellence in the world. It designs and develops high-tech solutions to railway, space, aviation, e-mobility, cyber-security, retail automation sectors. Founded in 2010 by the Italian entrepreneur, Vito Pertosa, Angel now includes: - MERMEC, developing measuring trains and signaling technologies for the world’s railways and rapid transits. - MERMEC STE, specialized in the design, development, supply of signalling systems,electric traction infrastructures, telecommunications solutions for railways. - SITAEL, developing satellites, advanced propulsion systems, electronics for international space missions. - BLACKSHAPE, producing high-performance carbon-fiber aircrafts for leisure and training. - SIT, providing a range of survey, geographic and CAD data, including aerial photography, mapping, LiDAR. - EWINGS, specialising in the design and development of high-performance radio frequency networks for telemetry. - BRIGHTCYDE, specializing in the provision of services, in the design and implementation of solutions for the security of critical network infrastructures. - AngelStar, specialized in the design, development, supply of ERTMS onboard signaling and control solutions for railways. - MATIPAY, a fintech company which has developed an innovative payment and telemetry system for vending machines. - EIKONTECH, specialized in the development of solutions in the strategic fields of computational science, artificial intelligence, applied electromagnetism, radio communications. It employs about than 1,700 people -1200 being engineers- who are based in 19 countries worldwide. Its products and services are used in 65 countries. Angel, which is continuously looking for long-term investments opportunities in high-tech sectors, announced on November 2016, its investment in the Canadian company TransPod Inc. that is building the world leading Hyperloop system to disrupt and redefine commercial transportation.
Location: Italy, Apulia, Monopoli
Employees: 1001-5000
Founded date: 2010
Investment Type: Venture Capital

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