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Founded in 2016 by Alex Birch and Luke Murray, XY Sense is a Melbourne head-quartered technology startup using smart sensors and AI powered analytics to create workplaces people love. We’ve created the world’s most advanced workplace occupancy sensor. It’s private by design (protecting your team’s privacy), has enormous coverage (1,000 sq.ft/ 20 desks), collects open area data passively and best of all delivers highly accurate(<30cm/1 ft) workplace occupancy and utilisation analytics in real-time. Combined with an analytics platform that’s been designed for frontline property teams, we’re obsessed with simplifying workplace analytics to help transform workplaces for the better. Learn about what makes our sensor stand apart by visiting our website - www.xysense.com
Location: United Kingdom, England, London
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $10M
Founded date: 2016

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DateSeriesAmountInvestorsDeal News
25.07.2022-$10MBlackbird ...finsmes.co...

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25.07.2022XY Sense r...XY Sense, an occupancy sensor ...-By Joe Bur...finledger....
25.07.2022XY Sense R...XY Sense, a Melbourne, Austral...Australia-finsmes.co...