Rheonix, Inc. is committed to improving standards of care by making molecular diagnostics available to more people, in more places, more often. As scientific knowledge evolves, so does the need for new diagnostic technology to simplify processes and enhance innovation. Rheonix, through experienced leadership and creative vision, has developed the Encompass platform, a highly customizable technology with unmatched versatility and affordability. The platform performs fully automated, complex molecular assays in an easy to use and economical format on the Rheonix CARD® cartridge. With both the Rheonix CARD and Encompass family of products, Rheonix is well-positioned to penetrate key molecular diagnostic market sectors, from reference labs through point-of-care and everywhere in-between.
Location: United States, New York, Ithaca
Member count: 51-200
Total raised: $13.1M

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21.04.2010Series A$12.6M-finsmes.co...

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