Livecyte™ from Phasefocus, is a Kinetic Cytometer that quantifies and compares dynamic live cell behaviour, without the need for fluorescent labels. Livecyte produces high-contrast videos of live cells without the need for fluorescent labels or high-power illumination.  This makes it possible to monitor and characterise even the most sensitive live cells, such as stem cells and heterogeneous primary cancer cells, for long periods of time (up to multiple weeks) in a 96-well plate format. Powered by our patented Ptychographic computational imaging technology, we enable scientists to understand and compare the dynamic behaviour of thousands of individual cells at a depth previously impossible. Established in 2006, Phasefocus is bringing to market a range of products and services based on its proprietary Phasefocus Virtual Lens®– a disruptive technology that is revolutionising the performance of imaging instrumentation and bringing new user value to a wide range of analytical applications from label-free cell imaging and quantitative electron phase microscopy to ophthalmic lens metrology and beyond.
Location: United Kingdom, England, Sheffield
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Total raised: $4.99594M
Founded date: 2006

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