Crowdsourcing Relevancy Engine for Experiences We operate off of ideas. Let?s do something this weekend. I want to see a movie. Let?s get married. I?m having a baby. We scour all our sources for inspiration on our ideas. The challenge: everyone wants specific questions. What exactly do you want? Where, when, and how much? They do this to help first drive you to their solution, not to allow you to explore and be inspired to create your own experience. oogno?s first mission is to inspire you to a great experience. We are not a booking site, nor an aggregator. We do not operate after you have your idea, we help you define, design, and build your ideas into your final experience.. By inspiring you with new ideas, we believe we can help you build a better experience. We want you to share your experiences, like and dislike your ideas, and help inspire others along the way. And that is what life is all about: great shared ideas that create amazing experiences you always remember
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