ONE is a brand of culturally inspired apparel and a vogue infused fashion house at first glance, but beneath the veneer of trends and patterns, ONE aspires to be so much more, if even so subliminally. We believe that in the 21st century, clothing is not only a necessity but a way of life. But how do we bring the focus of our clientele to the undertones of unity, harmony and understanding? Enter ONE, the only brand in the subcontinent based on an ideology. At ONE, we not only aim to be the best at what we do, but stand apart while being so. Our sole purpose is to bring the colors and culture of Pakistan under the limelight. The designs used for our first season are simple and sublime, because above all else, we believe in minimalism. We at ONE also have an ambition of not only blurring the divides between the people of Pakistan, but the global community as well. It is under the umbrella of Pakistan's underrated and oft neglected customs and culture that we aim to be one day, a globally responsible and socially informed fashion house. How our journey is to begin with the design of shirts, and culminate into the aforementioned? Come find out, and be a part of ONE.
Location: Pakistan
Founded date: 2013