Smart jacket with variable thermal protection An Omius jacket will monitor your activity level, temperature and humidity; in order to adapt its structure and give you exactly the thermal protection you need to be always comfortable. It?s like having the power of instantly making any type of jacket appear or disappear, always at the right moment. With a mixture of state of the art robotics and textiles, we were able to replicate nature's ability to regulate temperature, specifically of that of plants. Instead of trying to make the hot and humid air leave the body through the tight windproof membrane, as companies like The North Face try to do, we will open this barrier creating a much freer path for air to flow. The result: our jacket is able to release two times more excess heat than the most breathable jacket in the market. This technology will bring great benefits to the winter sport users, usually affected by large variations in activity levels and extreme ambient conditions.
Member count: 1-10