Oral Beauty Care OLAS? MARINE BIO-ACTIVE MOUTH RINSE A Marine-Powered Innovation in Oral Care Dentist-Formulated and Sourced from the Sea. Inspired by a deep respect for the healing power of the ocean, Dr. Christopher Perez, DMD, has created OLAS, a gentle yet effective mouth rinse infused with bioactive marine ingredients to promote balanced oral health and fresh breath. Oral care solution with respect for the natural ecosystem of our environment as well as our bodies. ?The ocean is a very healing place,? said Perez. ?I looked to marine ingredients to create a healthy, supportive mouth rinse made to sustain the oral immune system, rather than breaking it down.? OLAS innovative formula made with all-natural marine bioactive, including an infusion of naturally rich seas salts and algae. Combined with organic essential oils, antioxidant CoQ-10, and Echinacea, known as an immunity booster, this alcohol-free rinse sustains oral health without the debriding affects of alcohol-based mouthwashes.