Desk Exercise Device The O.C. (Office Chair) Body Shaper is a resistance tubes based desk exercise device that reduces/reverses the negative health effects of prolonged sitting & a sedentary lifestyle (also known as "sitting disease"). The Body Shaper allows you to do a full-body resistance workout at your desk without bothering your co-workers or putting yourself in compromising positions. "Sitting disease" increases the risk of: colon & breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, coronary disease, obesity, muscle atrophy, diabetes, low energy expenditure, depression, early onset dementia & more. Physical activity reduces the effects of "sitting disease". The Body Shaper allows for physical activity throughout the day, at your desk & fits seamlessly into your workday so you don't miss any more time with family by being at the gym. There are also Corporate Wellness and Physical Therapy applications for the Body Shaper. The Body Shaper is affordable, easy to use and effective for people of all fitness levels.
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