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Take photo notes instead of typing Nowte is simple, but effective mobile app that lets you take photos instead of typing. Organize your notes in very intuitive and simple way, share your notes with your friends, family or post them in your Nowte Wall. It's as easy as making a phone call :) Life is a mess without Nowte. More and more people are using their smartphone's camera just to take notes. I have done so for more than 5 years. The problem is later, when you review your photo albums and see them full of professional notes. Even worse - when you really need them, you can not find anything. Nowte reinvents mobile camera That's why we created Nowte. It organizes all the photos is really simple and intuitive way. It uses auto tagging based on text recognition in photo. You can find everything later using voice search, just mentioning the key phrases what associates with picture and you get it. That's why Nowte will change the way how people are taking notes forever.
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