# map search and discover Mio Maps is an application that allows users to create their own travel maps or tap into their friends reccomendations. Lets say Maria is going to NYC for the summer, she studies in Philadelphia but has never spent any extended time in NY. All of her friends from NY are always reccomending restuarants and "things to do" but Maria can't seem to keep track of these reccomendations. Mio maps will allow Maria and her friends to digitally store their reccomendations on a map with identifiers like #mariasummerlist. The list would be customizable so all of her friends could be invited by Maria to help her identify all the restuarants and things she should do for the summer. Once they are loaded into the Map, Maria could share the map with other friends and it could become a working document for her and her friends. Then throughout the summer she could always check off things as she did them and rank the reccomendations and edit them accordingly.
Member count: 1-10