N.O.R.T-Not On Radio Tunes

Game changer in the radio & music industry It's a music submission platform app that will help upcoming artists submit their music efficiently to multiple radio stations of their choice using their mobile phones or electronics such as computers and laptops as long as they have downloaded the app into any of this devices.It's an electronic platform that seeks to replace the demo system which required one to go from one radio station to the other submitting hard copies of your demo music.With N.O.R.T you can do it at the comfort of your device where ever you could be and users are able to download and stream immediately after submitting/uploading of a track into our app.We have a prototype already and have managed to speak to relevant stakeholders such as SAMRO,RISA and CAPASO as we based in South Africa.The only corporate that seems to complete our stakeholder relation cycle is the SABC but we realized that it will be wiser to approach them with something already tested and tangible and ready to work. N.O.R.T stands for N.
Member count: 1-10