Foundation supporting underprivileged youth Every Australian child deserves to be believed in, to have hope, to feel safe, to have a space where they can feel loved & accepted for who they are, to play, to dream... A couple of years ago I had a vision: to build a facility for disadvantaged & underprivileged kids where they could hang out, be safe and feel like they were part of a family. There?d be tennis courts & basketball courts and a gym and an oval to kick the footy. There?d be things to eat & beds to sleep in. For the first time, I feel like there is a reason for me to be doing what I?m doing. Tennis is a great life ? we?re well paid and the perks are pretty good ? but it can feel empty if you?re just doing it for the money. I know what it?s all for now. I love kids. I get more happiness from helping kids out and watching them succeed than I do from my own wins on the tennis tour. It?s always been that way. It?s my hope that I?ll be remembered for this more than anything I have done or will do on the tennis court.
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