A smart device that helps you quit smoking, weaning you off nicotine gradually Nix is a self-learning, programmable, connected vaporizer designed to help people quit smoking. Nix can change the nicotine concentration of an individual inhalation, in real-time. This means that you can program the device to gradually, automatically, taper down daily nicotine consumption. Nix also learns from you as you use it. It can adapt to changes in your behavior to continually optimize the best way to taper down your nicotine usage. Weaning, or titration, is a well-understood treatment for addiction that has wide support across the medical community. But there hasn?t been a practical way to step down nicotine dosage that wasn?t extremely complicated or time consuming. The Nix system is comprised of the main vaporizer unit, replaceable nicotine cartridges, and the Nix cloud platform.
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