New Generation Sensors
IoT Smart Monitoring systems NGS PlantOne is a low cost predictive maintenenance for electric machineries based on the Internet of Things technology. The low cost of this solution has enabled the continuous monitoring of small and medium sized motors, while the versatility of IoT simplifies the installation operations (battery powered, wireless communication and web application). With NGS PlantOne the benefits coming from predictive maintenance will be shifted also to smaller size motors (e.g., pump, fan, etc., the largest part of the industrial environment): ? Energy efficiency, saving up 10% of energy , maintaining the motor at the optimal working point. ? Early motor intervention, when the fixing operation are cheaper. ? Freed capital, scheduling the maintenance operations and reducing the necessary stocks of spare components. NGS PlantOne has been successfully field tested in a complex operational industrial environment such as the "Federico II" power plant by ENEL, the Italian multinational energy company.