Social betting in Mexico Neutral House is a web application and the first social betting site in Mexico. Its purpose is to smoothen transaction costs and decrease risk for participants. The role of Neutral House is to become the equivalent of a clearing house in a financial transaction collecting payments ex-ante and distributing profits ex-post. Our web application allows users to originate and participate in bets for real (via PayPal) or virtual money. Bets are currently restricted to sports events with verifiable outcomes. Content is self-created by a Twitter timeline fed by top-tier accounts. Our web application allows users to connect with their Facebook friends, send Twits, grow a ranking score, and receive emails and alerts. It offers multiple formats to create bets: tournament, single game, set of games... It will expand the scope of bets soon: Oscars, political elections, financial markets? We charge a 10% commission on each transaction. The alpha version is ready:
Member count: 1-10