Immersive Virtual Reality Neurorigin focuses on creating a virtual reality in which users can live. Using EEG headsets combined with virtual reality display goggles, we are creating a truly immersive environment. Instead of a clunky controllers with limited input functionality, users can simply think their actions, and their in-game avatars will act it out. So, think of moving your right hand, and your in-game right hand moves. Rather than learning how to activate the neurons required for the EEG headset, our software will learn how you think through a process known as deep learning, and adapt to your brain waves. Projected goals include building an optimized platform for this new technology. One key concept is creating a marketplace using in-game currency, which is then reflected in real world cash. This in-game currency can be acquired through real labor (i.e. teaching, sales) or by simply completing fun quests. Ultimately, we are a personalized game for everyone that you never have to put down.