North Carolina Hiphop Festival
North Carolina's Premier Hiphop Festival The North Carolina Hiphop Festival is the only festival that you will find anywhere which promotes social change amongst lovers of Hiphop everywhere. Not only does this festival bring people together in masse, but it prides itself on its focus on education, action-planning and prevention methods. Durham has a rich legacy of civil justice- being the first real place in history where a sit-in was held during the civil rights movement (the Woolworth's sit-in got more publicity because it was a national chain). The sit-ins are among many other historical events that took place in Durham. We see it as only proper to hold this festival in Durham and bring together seekers after justice from all over the world to formulate real answers for race relations. On top of the workshops, seminars and panel discussions, hear the best headlining, sub-headlining and up-and-coming artists today to speak artistically on the subject.
Total raised: $2K