Easily Impact the Causes You Care About We build the technology to enable anyone easily impact the causes they care about, by inspiring and incentivizing their network to take action. Eradicating homelessness, fighting climate change, supporting refugees, promoting gender equality, increasing diversity in tech ? you name your cause, we power it. In the past 4 months we have helped 10 Youtube celebrities impact the causes they care about, like promoting body image positivity, helping kids with mental disabilities, and supporting refugees by inspiring and incentivizing over 10,000 of their fans to take action. These actions include becoming a body positivity activist, volunteering to game with kids with mental disabilities, and volunteering to help new refugees to U.S learn English. MARKET: $258 billion/year in Donations. Nonprofits are in pain trying to harness mobile technology to drive awareness and donations from Millennials (We engage Millennials via action which makes them exponentially more likely to make a donation)
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06.12.2012Naya Ventu...There’s been a healthy flow of...-John Cookgeekwire.c...