Nationale Alert Centrale
Household Administration made Cool and Rewarding Purpose Help households get insight in their administration and provide timely contract and subscription alerts before they expire (incl. best offers). As a result, households get in full control and cut expenses by ?1000,- every year ( eg. energy, insurance, telephone etc.) Problem to solve Households have between 20-30 contracts and subscriptions. 84% of households are not aware when they expire thus extend automatically. Households forget to ask a better deal/conditions before the expiration date so unnecessary pay far too much. Solution we offer By going through our intuitive list of questions, people can easily and quickly build their personal dash-boards to get clear insights and automatic alerts. The alerts we send include competitive offers from all major household providers in the market. Simply comparing and choosing at the right time will help people save ?1000,- per year. From now on, people are in control, save large amounts of money ... now and for the years to come.