Nara Technologies Pvt. LTD Bangalore
IOT based environment friendly technology Our product is the latest generation of water level controllers with: 1. Compatibility to work with over 12 types of sensors. 2. Flexible with multiple Tanks. 3. Simultaneously works with up to 4 motors. 4. Latest embedded switching technology which replaces old age contactors and is capable of controlling motors right down to basic sciences. 5. Highly precise CFS technology to monitor motor health for any possible issues. 6. Complete IOT capability to work with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zig bee, GSM and RF modules. 7. State of the art power supply with quality operation control. 8. Small form factor design with multiple safety and quality features. 9. ISO certified manufacturers. 10. Long lasting ultrasonic sensors. 11. LCD Screen to give timely notifications. 12. 4 Operation Modes providing complete operation freedom.
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