Smart AI Nanny & Babysitting App Nanny Tribe is a where the nanny/sitter placement industry meets on-line dating applications. For all those millennials that have used an on-line dating app to find their mates, they can now use the Nanny Tribe app, with the same look and feel, to find a nanny or sitter as they start having kids. Using a Smart AI platform, our onboarding profiling allows us (our machine learning feature) to get to know our user each time they log on, thus giving our AI platform a higher % success rate in matching the family with the best possible Nanny and/or sitter. Once you?ve matched our AI platform guides you through the interview process giving you step by step features: LIVE Video Chatting, Coffee meet up locations, Family/Nanny Interaction meet ups and tips to integrating the nanny experience with our kiddos. Our sitter side function simply matches and places you a similar step by step process. Matching, guiding and PAYING all through the app.