The Easiest Way to Capture Your Life Story My Whole Legacy is a mobile and cloud based service that allows you to tell and share the story of your life. Our "Legacy Interview" service is designed to ask customized, unique questions based the answers provided. Each question is tailored to the user's life experience. For example, if you served in the army from 1950-1965, the system knows which pertinent question to ask, based on your life experience during that time. The app is designed to walk the user through the "Legacy Interview", step-by-step. It's never been simpler to tell the story of your life!! Users can Speak, Type, or Video their answers, so no real technology experience is necessary! In the end, the customer is delivered their "Legacy Story" that they can edit and add to. The final ?Legacy Story? is delivered either digitally or in a hard cover format based on a standard Legacy Story template. Friends and family members can add stories, link Social Media, and more!
Total raised: $7K