linkedin meets gamification for gamers Our ultimate goal is to stop businesses & influencers wasting money on the broken advertising streams. Uproar is a gamified web application that rewards gamers for playing their favourite games. At the moment, we are testing what our users like and want within our platform. Stage 1 for us is making our own quests, event partnerships and community content to a high standard. This stage is not where we will scale super fast but user growth is 50% every week and our measurable statistics that show our user engagement statistics are also growing considerably. We have fleshed out and feel confident about how we move from testing to scale through initiatives that we are starting to test. This product does not stay in gaming, but our team feel most confident to start in this industry and expand. Uproar?s purpose is to add value to the users game time by providing the opportunity to gain real-life rewards, online experiences & discounts helping them communities that they can interact with.