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Tring is an Augmented Reality messaging app for mobile devices Tring is a unique and innovative mobile app that lets you send augmented reality messages to your friends. Using augmented reality, Tring allows you to view 3d characters or videos through your mobile phone or handheld device on common surfaces such as a table top in your local coffee shop. Say you want to send a happy birthday message to your friend, you could send a greeting card. But with Tring you could select a 3D character, customise it to create your own avatar, record your own personal message, and send it to them. Your friend will be able to see your animated avatar singing happy birthday on their dining table! A prototype version of Tring is available for the iPad, with your help we are hoping to raise funds to take the product to market and make it available on other mobile platforms. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact Abhishek Mishra at
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