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Companies waste trillions of dollars each year on operational costs due to poor forecasting. And many of humanity’s biggest problems — such as climate change and food waste — can be solved in part through better forecasting. Myst AI combines sophisticated AI techniques with unprecedented volumes of highly localized time series data, enabling improvements in forecasting accuracy of 30–60%. The company’s machine learning platform enables data scientists to quickly connect their own historical time series data from a large variety of data sources, and then build and deploy complex time series forecasting models. Myst AI helps leading energy companies in North America and Europe create more accurate short-term load, renewables generation, and market price forecasts, which in turn leads to lower costs, reduced risk, and higher revenue generation. Myst AI is empowering the next generation of energy companies to accelerate the transition to a high-renewables future.
Founder name: Pieter Verhoeven

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