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MyPlazze is a property management chatbot We have developed a chatbot to improve the efficiency of the rental property management along with the guest experience during their stay. These are the solutions we offer: - 24/7 guest assistant: our chatbot will reply automatically to mosto of the questions about the porperty and its equipment. If the chatbot does not understand the inquiry, the conversation will be handled to an agent - Services: Transport to the airport, groceries delivery or tourist activities will provide a better experience to the guests, before and during their stay - Centralize communications: Handle all communications from one interface (from web or smartphone) - Task management: Control your checkin, cleaning and maintenance staff assigning them tasks and following their report from the chatbot - Energy Savings and access control: We can integrate IoT solutions to our dashboard, providing full control on what is happening in the property
Location: Spain, Madrid
Member count: 1-10