Vertically integrated cannabis operation. US + International span Blendfourtwenty Inc will act as a shell for the vertically integrated cannabis operation. Seed to distribution, a variety of operations will be housed under the distribution. Breeding cannabis, developing propriety strains, trademarking all IP for exclusivity to Blendfourtwetny operations. So Cal Seed Co. - 15+ year old established cannabis seed company, forced to shut down with the high cost of licensing for the legal market. With a catalog of over 300+ strains and a huge stock of rare cannabis genetics- this project is prime to get back on the market as a B2B solution for farms all over the country. We will plan to build a nursery in DTLA to offer these strains in seed form, and clone form. It will be backed by a solid e-commerce site allowing us to do most business online with a local pick up. Blendfourtwenty - We used to manufacture pre-rolls for the prop 215 cannabis program before prop 64. There is a huge demand for pre-rolls in every cannabis market and is the top 3 consumed product. We will be setting up advanced pre-roll manufacture to produce cannabis joints, hemp cigars, and cannagars for business across California. Blendfourtwenty will sell products directly to the market as well under 2 brands. Blendfourtwenty for THC cannabis and CBD joint pre rolls. Captn Jack for THC cannabis blunts and cannagars. Mendo Green - Our newest project allowing us to offer 100% outdoor naturally grown flower. We will source the classic genetics/best phenos and work with local farms to produce it. We will offer whole flower, pre rolls, and some kind of nutrition bar cannabis blend line we have in the works. Key product positioning is a grassroots brand of sun-grown California cannabis. The idea is to sell not only locally but all markets in other states. We need to secure a round of funding to establish the foundation of this operation. Allowing us to move into another round of funding. In 3 years it will be very profitable.
Member count: 1-10