We?re awakening families with love ? through core values and positive social media Mazu Family is a safe social experience for children and families. Founded in response to the issues arising out of traditional social media, Mazu Family was created to combat the negative mental health effects, the harassment/ bullying found on platforms like Facebook, and the predatory business practices of intrusive data collection. Proudly standing as a walled digital garden, Mazu Family offers an alternative to traditional social media that is fully COPPA and GDPR compliant. Currently offered in only English speaking countries, the Mazu Family platform offers users all the same functionality you would expect from a social experience. Sharing images, text and videos to Mazu first goes through computer and human moderation. This process ensures all content is positive, safe and fully complies to Mazu Family's standards. Parents are verified to ensure credibility and eliminate predators on the platform. Available on iOS, Android and soon Desktop.
Member count: 11-50