MarketSmith India
Stock Research Tool from William O'Neil India Stock research is critical to investing success, but gathering all that information can take hours. With MarketSmith India, you'll know the strengths and weaknesses of individual Indian stocks in minutes-based on concrete facts. The app, available across platforms for desktop, iOS and Android smartphones summarizes the data essential to decision making, derived from a growth-oriented investing method that has proven to outperform major indices across the globe for 50 years. Plus, the app's "model portfolio" makes it easy to apply or adapt this method to your own investing routine. Armed with facts about the strengths and weaknesses of India stocks, you can make more knowledgeable investment decisions. The app also delivers daily and weekly Market Commentary on the Indian Stock Exchange, including important status changes in overall market direction, learning articles to educate users on our proprietary CAN SLIM? investing methodology, special articles on contemporary market events etc.. For more information please visit our website :
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